The Danielson Lodge of Elks 1706 was formed in 1946 by a group of 186 resident brothers who transfered from Putnam Lodge #574, considered our mother lodge. The  first members came from the towns of Killingly, Brooklyn,Canterbury, Plainfield and Sterling. These charter members first met on Center St, on the second floor of the Phoenix Building which was formerly owned and occupied by the Majestic Theater. In subsequent years the business establishments on the street floor ceased operations and the Danielson Lodge was then financially able to purchase the building. Soon after an adjoining building was added to the facilities and renovations made which resulted in a parking area and the lodge which we know today. 

There is a memorial wall in the lobby of our lodge which is a perpetual reminder  to all who visit, that the cause of our order is alive in the memory of those who serve.

The memorial is a historical document which tracks our 60 plus years of lineage. It is our pedigree. The names on these tablets are those who went before us, establishing a foundation for strength and growth, righteousness and peace. We therefore are the caretakers and shan't let their deeds be in vain.  
"The faults of our brothers we write upon the sand, their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory"
A welcome message from our oldest living Past Exalted Ruler Luke Gendreau Jr